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Improve Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance, Efficiencies in your law office.

My Value To You

SAC Law – Consulting will Assess & Assist your practice to become more efficient, compliant and profitable.

Assess efficiencies
in your office

Assess current risk management practices
and policies

Assess compliance with
the Code of Conduct

Assess office management policies and systems

SAC Law – Consulting Services

Code of Conduct

SAC Law-Consulting can assess where your office may be failing to comply with the Code of Conduct and Alberta Law Society rules and regulations and can get you back on track to being compliant.

Entity Regulation

Entity Regulation is coming. Do you have the recommended policies and procedures in place? SAC Law Consulting can assess your current policies and procedures for compliance.

Policies & Practices

Do you have appropriate policies and practices to minimize claims and complaints ? SAC Law-Consulting can assess your risk areas to determine where improvements in risk management can be made. 

For your practice

Client Satisfaction

Suggest and assist in the set up of systems to increase client satisfaction, reduce the risk of claims and complaints, and assist you in implementation.

Increase Efficiencies

Suggest ways for your office to become more efficient and provide assistance in changing your office procedures to take advantage of efficiencies available to you.

Monitor Trust Account

Provide suggestions so you can better monitor your trust account.

Improve Profitability

Assist in setting up various procedures to help improve profitability.

Staff Management

Suggest staff management procedures and assist in setting these up for your office.

Financial Management

Suggest and assist in developing better financial management of your practice.

For a changing business

New Law Practices

Act as your “handbook” on the things you need to consider and implement as you consider opening a new practice, guide you through the Law Society requirements and assist you to put the appropriate policies and procedures in place for a successful law practice.

Retiring from Practice

Advise you on the various Law Society requirements for closing your practice and assist you in setting up and implementing a schedule for closing down your practice, or transferring the practice to another lawyer. 

About Sylvia Carruthers

• An experienced lawyer with over 30 years in the business of law

• A Consultant with 4 years experience counselling lawyers in the business of law as Counsel Practice Review/Management at Law Society of Upper Canada and Law Society of Alberta

• A Law practice owner and manager, as sole practitioner, formerly a partner or an associate

• A Member of the Law Society of Ontario and Law Society of Alberta

• A presenter at seminars and author of articles on law business practice management

• A practising lawyer in estate planning, and corporate commercial law

• Knowledgeable about financial management

• Knowledgeable about law society regulations

• Knowledgeable about law practice management 

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